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Our Story

The Chilli House is a restaurant that has been serving customers since 2016. But since 2013 it started as a stall in various night markets across Hamilton, Tauranga, and Auckland until the end of 2015. The restaurant’s concept is to combine Sichuan flavors with local Chinese specialties and cater to New Zealand’s diverse cultural groups and various tastes.

The owner of the restaurant was born in Sichuan and wanted to incorporate the region’s famous spicy cuisine into the menu. The restaurant’s name, The Chilli House, reflects this. The restaurant’s signature dish is the dumplings, which are a representation of Northern Chinese cuisine. However, they have added Sichuan flavors to create a unique taste that is not found in other restaurants. They use plant extracts to make the dumpling dough, which gives them a healthy hue. Additionally, they make all their noodles by hand, including the popular “Youpo” noodle, which is a specialty from Shaanxi province that has been modified to suit the Sichuan taste.

The restaurant’s décor and design are unique and thoughtfully curated. The name “川妹子” in Chinese represents the owner’s hometown, Sichuan, which is known for its spicy cuisine. The painting on the wall in all their locations depicts a scene from a famous Tang dynasty poet Li Bai’s poem “Toasting the Moon,” which has been calligraphed in Chinese to showcase the owner’s appreciation for her hometown’s culture. The design of the restaurant is also influenced by China’s traditional opera, with the iconic red lanterns and the use of the Sichuan Opera mask “Chuanju Qingyi” as decorations.

To cater to their diverse customer base, the restaurant creates a new dish every quarter based on feedback from their customers and the local community. This approach ensures that their menu remains diverse and dynamic.

From their old location on 244 Victoria Street to their new locations in Cambridge.The Chilli House has become a go-to destination for customers seeking an authentic Sichuan dining experience.